Rutland Out-of-School Time Programs

Rutland families of students enrolled in Kindergarten through fifth grade who come to school before 8:00 am or stay later than 3:15 pm will need to be enrolled in the Rutland Out-of-School Time Programs.

Rutland Out-of-School Time Programs provide enrichment and academic activities in an effort to make student’s out-of-school time fun and safe.
History of Rutland OST
Rutland School followed a nationwide need for student care by offering a safe place for students before and after the regular school day.
Rutland OST Programs have accommodated family needs since 1999.
  • We have many fun and exciting  “Boredom Buster” activities offered each day for students.
  • “Homework Helpers” encourage students to complete assignments.
  • OST Programs are held in the Kindergarten Room and Elementary Commons.
Rutland Before School Care
Staff for this program is available by appointment only.
Rutland After School Care Hours   3:15-5:30 p.m.                              
5 days week = $75.00 month
4 days week = $65.00 month
3 days week = $55.00 month
2 days week = $45.00 month
Rutland OST Family drop in fees are  $2.50 per hour
Out-of-School Time Procedures:
  • Enrolled families prior to the 1st of each month must give monthly calendars or schedules to the OST program coordinators.
  • Notice must be given when your child will be attending either the Before Care or After Care Programs.
  • Monthly billings will be sent to the OST families. Make payments payable to Rutland School’s OST.
  • You are committed for the days you request.  No refund will be available if these days are not used.
  • Prior notice is required if your student will stay for the OST program and is not noted on the calendar.
  • These regulations are required for staff planning.
  • A message can be left at the school office at 605-586-4352 to assure that we will have staff coverage for your student(s).
  • Email communication can be used by emailing, and
  • The Rutland Out-of-School Time Programs are a licensed Child Welfare Agency.  Parents may apply for Child Care Assistance. License Number is required for assistance 010605649.
  • Past due accounts are grounds for discontinued services until the balance is paid in full. 
  • OST Programs do not operate during weather related closures, scheduled vacation days, or teacher in-service days.
  • Students can be picked up at the Kindergarten door at the new addition for your convenience. 
  • Out-of-School Time Program Coordinators
    Kathleen Trower and Barbara Meyer      
  • “Keeping Students Safe and Smart”