Statement of Intent and Committee Proposal

Once you have an idea for a project, research your idea and complete a Statement of Intent and Committee Proposal for consideration and add to your Weebly website.

Statement of Intent:
Address the following questions for your individual project.
  • What type of project will you be doing: youth internship, entrepreneurship experience, senior experience, or the service learning project?
  • Describe the steps you will need to do to complete your project.
  • What subject(s) or topic(s) do you expect to learn about through your experience?
  • What skills or understanding will you develop and/or demonstrate?
  • What kind of product do you envision?
  • Where would you look for a mentor?
  • What do you hope to learn about yourself?
  • What most excites you about your proposed Endeavor?
Committee Proposal:
This is what the committee will consider; you should have an answer ready for each issue:
  • Cost (This is the sole responsibility of the student. Projects do not have to have any expense.)
  • Space (where will you complete your project?)
  • Safety
  • Ethics (the project should not violate any school rules or policies)
‚Äč*Add your Statement of Intent and Committee Proposal to your Weebly web page (Weebly Sign Up).