Business Management Class - 11th/12th grade

Class curriculum both the Glencoe Business Management: Real World Applications & Connections textbook and current business curriculums. Students learn business techniques first hand through real world applications.

Accounting - 11th/12th grade

Accounting will give students an understanding of the general set-up of an accounting system.Analyzing transactions into debits and credits, postings, six-column work sheet, financial statements, closing the ledger, working with bank statements, journal purchases and cash payments along with sales and cash receipts, work sheets, partnerships, adjusting and closing entries.

Entrepreneurship - 11/12th grade

Focuses on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business based on the recognized opportunity, and operating and maintaining that business. Entrepreneurship is necessary not only for students who will become entrepreneurs, but also for individuals working in the increasingly competitive corporate world. Entrepreneurship integrates the functional areas of business – accounting, finance, marketing, and management – and the legal and economic environments in which any new venture operates. 

Personal Finance - 12th grade

A citizen that lives within his or her income has more control over his or her life while expanding choices. Having the knowledge and skills to understand, implement and evaluate various financial practices can help prevent or limit financial loss. Topics Covered: Income, Money Management, Credit and Debt, Saving and Investing, and Managing Financial Risks